Monday, March 21, 2011

Lake Brownwood Climbing Guidebook

Its with great pleasure that I announce the release of the first climbing guidebook to The Rocks, at Lake Brownwood. Just outside of Brownwood, TX, the Lake is the area I’ve spent the most time in the last 5 years. The climbing at The Rocks is on brilliant Texas limestone. The bouldering ranges from V0-v7/8, and there are numerous top-ropes from 5.6-5.11/12. The lake is a great place for both beginners and advanced climbers as well, with quite a few open projects remaining.

This guide has been a long time coming. A few years ago I spoke with my friend, and Brownwood local, Ben Chamberlain about the possibility of putting together a guide. But the guide got put on the backburner to school, family and the like. This Christmas I devoted myself to finishing the guide, and couldn’t have done so without Ben’s help, route knowledge, and historical info. I’m indebted to him for his aid in this project.

The guide includes stories from several folks who have contributed to the development of climbing at the Lake. I’m thankful for the time that each of them put into reflecting on their experiences, as well our memories shared at the Lake.

Finally, you’ll find in the opening pages of the guide instructions on checking-in, directions to the crag, and local etiquette. You’ll also find a recent history of the climbing there, and details about printing and binding your guide.

This guidebook is a first-draft, and I welcome all feedback. Please use it wisely, and climb at your own risk. I hope to see you out there.

To download, click the link below (will redirect you to my google docs):

Lake Brownwood: The Rocks Climbing Guide


Kyle Millican said...

Awesome Eric! I've never been climbing before, except for a scramble up a pretty easy peak in the San Juans. A college friend of mine who does crazy ice climbs in Alaska got me interested. How often do you go out to Lake Brownwood? I live in Eastland which is about an hour away from the lake.

James said...

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James Kaufman, Editor

Steve said...

Hi, Eric. My name is Steve and I live in Fort Collins, CO. My folks live in Abilene, TX. (I've never lived there they moved there years after I moved out of the house). I've been climbing for a little over 20 years. I would love to have you or someone in Abilene take me out or indoor climbing when I visit them there in Abilene. We just got back from Abilene yesterday 12/30/12 from a visit and it's tuff being there and not being able to climb. My email is I usually come down about once a year. I like to boulder, sport and trad lead. I hope to talk to you soon, Steve & Diana

sean said...

Psyched about checking this place out. Always nice to climb somewhere new. My cousin just moved to Abilene, so I'll be headed out that way (from Bryan) soon. Thanks for the guide!