Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still Training

Haven't touched rock in 3 weeks or so. As I read on another blog, in the summer the heat is often the greatest crux facing climbers. Such has been the case here in Abilene.

But I've been consistently climbing on the wall and hitting the hangboard. I think i climbed 4 times on the wall this week, and did two hangboard workouts.

John Long, watch out...

P.S. This is a classic shot of John Long on Pinch Overhang at Horsetooth Reservoir Colorado. Pinch Overhang is a famous John Gill problem, that I hope to try one day. Anyways, this classic photo is from an article in Climbing magazine, 1978, called "Pumping Sandstone." In it, Long recounts his efforts to go send some of Gill's notorious sandstone test pieces--at a time when bouldering was really only in its infancy.

Good stuff.

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